Carl Littlefield (1915-1966): Catherine’s youngest brother


Carl came late to ballet, cajoled by his older sisters into joining the company because they desperately needed male members.  A genial and thoughtful boy and natural athlete who once won a three-mile swimming race on the Schuylkill River, Carl developed into a very fine dancer and partner.  He had a passion for flying and during World War II flew 70 missions as a bomber pilot, earning numerous medals for skill and heroism.  He married Lois Girard and the pair toured in Song of Norway before settling in Virginia.  The death of his siblings set Carl adrift for a time, having been heavily influenced by other family members most of his life.  Eventually he and Lois and their three children moved to California, where he worked in the aviation industry until his death from a degenerative neurological disease in 1966.


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