James H. Littlefield Jr. (1910-1946): Catherine’s oldest brother


Jimmie was the only one of the four Littlefield children not to become a dancer.  He became a composer and pianist instead and eventually led a popular band that performed in local nightclubs.  Catherine employed several of his compositions in ice shows she choreographed for New York’s Center Theatre.  To everyone’s amazement, Jimmie, a lively man-about-town, married a matronly widow many years his senior, adopted her son and moved to her 600-acre property in Virginia’s Northern Neck.  He taught himself to farm and for the most part severed ties with show business.  Catherine bought a house in the area and the Littlefields often retreated there to escape career pressures.  Jimmie died at age 36 from heatstroke after working on his farm on a brutally hot day in July 1946.


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