Related Publications and Events

A review of “In Balanchine’s Classroom” for The American Conservative.  

Dancing for the Master

The Pennsylvania Ballet has changed its name to the Philadelphia Ballet:

An essay on Agnes de Mille’s ballet Rodeo in Humanities (the magazine of the NEH):

Other writings and related works:

Catherine Littlefield | Philadelphia Women’s History Month All-Star

What the ‘Lost Generation’ Got Right


Click to access Ballet_Review_43-2_Sleeping_Beauty.pdf

A Philadelphia Collaboration: The Pinto Brothers’ Designs for Catherine Littlefield’s Philadelphia Ballet Company, New York Public Library blog, 2014

In Philadelphia: The Littlefield Ballet Lives for an Afternoon, Explore Dance, 2010

Grofe’s Lost ‘Café Society’ RediscoveredBroad Street Review, 2010

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