Premiered June 2, 1937, Theatre des Champs-Elysees, Paris.  Music by Herbert Kingsley (commissioned score).  Designs by Angelo and Salvatore Pinto.

In a large metropolitan railway station, commuters, divorcees on their way home from Reno and a Hollywood starlet trailing her entourage exit their respective trains.  Their interplay with porters, a zippy newsboy crying “Extra!” and other denizens of the depot allows for humorous, satiric episodes and what Catherine called a “devilishly difficult” mixture of jazz and ballet.  The young Philadelphia Ballet dancers were well suited to Terminal’s physical comedy and quick pacing, and the jazzy score and spot-on contemporary American stereotypes gave this work its broad appeal.  The success of both Barn Dance and Terminal on the European tour led Catherine to make additional ballets on American themes, which solidified her reputation as a pioneer of the genre.

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